zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Armenia: the last day

Today was our last day in Armenia: we were flying back to Paris tomorrow Sunday.

Gayanel, our guide for today had a special mission: she had to show us the Armenians, their culture and their history. And I must admit it: she succeeded with brilliance!

First we visited Vagharshapat, the head of the Holy spiritual centre of the Armenians, and the Saint Hripsime Church, both nearby Yerevan and then we went to the village of Garni where we visited a 1st-century AD temple.

The restaurant where we had lunch that noon was situated nearby the monastery of Geghard. After a typical meal - one as these we had already had every noon and evening! - we went by feet to the monastery. One has to see this! It is an amazing World Heritage Site from the 13th century where - during the visit - in a cave our guide song for us till we had goose bumps.

Back in the evening in Yerevan it was Museum Night and thus after dinner Jef and I went out to visit some exhibitions. We started in the Cafesjian Center where we visited 3 different floors and afterwards we also entered the Yervand Kochar Museum. Around midnight we were back in the hotel for a rather short night!

Conclusion after all I have seen this week: I love the Armenians, their country, their culture and history, the landscapes, the mountains, the valleys, the lakes, the woods ... I like the capital Yerevan but also Agarak.  One day I will go back to that beautiful country, not with a 500mm lens to photograph birds but with a good wide-angle lens to take pictures of the monasteries, the churches, the landscapes, the nature, the mountains and the lakes and most of all the Armenian people! Kisses to you all!

This last picture is taken at the Zvartnots Cathedral that we also visited today, by an unknown person with the camera of Guido. You can see from right to left: Harry, me, Hedy, René, Marc, Jef, Chris and Guido. We form a great team and I wish that next year we can once again experience a new adventure! Thanks to you all for the great compagny!

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  1. Erg leuk verslag Marc!
    Ik ben ook helemaal weg van Armenië en de Kaukasus en ga er volgende maand weer naar toe met een groep, oa voor de vogels.
    Misschien tot ziens
    vriendelijke groet
    Jos van Oostveen